Virtual Voice Workshop

“In Ashridge Consulting, one contribution towards tackling the issue (of our carbon footprint) at source is the Virtual Working initiative. Using a web portal run by WebEX, Sue and a number of consultants have been trialling software that allows online collaboration of the kind that would previously only have been available in a face-to-face meeting. This allows the members of the AC community and clients to ‘meet’ online, despite being in different countries - eliminating the need for air travel.”

AC Journal May 2007

“It’s not just the visuals - it’s all the unmeasurable bits that’s also missing in my phone calls. Where is all the subtlety and nuance of a face-to-face conversation? All the different fragrances of tone and timing seem to be squashed out on the telephone.”

Using straightforward and fun, individual and group exercises, the workshop will help you understand and develop your voice through pitch and pace, resonance and tone, supported by good breathing and posture. “To bring more music into the voice” will bring about a change in the understanding and clarity of your telephone conversations. We will also use music to develop multilevel listening with the aim improving your facilitation of teleconferencing conversations and action learning telephone sessions.