Music Education - Articles and Research Reports

1. Dreaming or awake - Composition in the classroom
by Professor George Odam & David Walters
A major three year music education research project funded by Yamaha and led by Professor George Odam in association with the Music Research Institute, QCA and NCET sought to find evidence of good practice in Composing in the Classroom with a particular focus on the use of keyboards.

2. Swiss Investigation
Worldwide research aiming to prove the intellectual and social benefits of providing more music education has been steadily increasing. At a time when music in UK schools is taking a hammering in local authority and school budget decisions, it's the turn of Switzerland to add further weight to the debate with a superb example of the effects of giving more music lessons at the expense of other subjects.

3. Presenting The Case For Music
Whilst music is under pressure both in state and private education, contemporary science is increasingly discovering the vital educational importance of music in lifelong learning. Here Professor Paul Robertson provides an overview of current research and offers compelling arguments for an increase in music making in the classroom.